Saturday, September 26, 2009

Help the Person in the Cow Suit from the Pittsburgh G-20 Protests

On Thursday, September 24, in Pittsburgh, PA,
our friend, who was peacefully protesting the G-20 summit,
was arrested.
We are trying to organize a legal defense and money fund
(for bail, fines, fees, etc.)
and can use all the help we can get.
Please donate any amount you can.
to help our friend and all of us stand up for our right
to peacefully protest.



    CTL + F "cow."

    Some things the blogger had to say about Kalan:

    "As the riot lines began to close in, one lone man dressed in a cowsuit (complete with plastic udder) used a different type of tactic to gain some time for the large group. For 5 minutes, he danced and did handstands in front of the advancing police line, attracting a gaggle of journalists and cameras and effectively blocking the police's movement.

    'You guys should be paying me to watch this!' he yelled at police with a smile, 'But instead, I'm paying YOU!' Meanwhile, marchers went 2-3 blocks away."


  3. Kalan Sherrard is an idiot and
    he deserves to be fined.
    He should be fined for all of the other
    completely idiotic acts he has committed.
    Perhaps we could fine him
    for every absurd and worthless thought
    that has passed through his depraved numb skull?
    why should anyone donate money to his cause?
    why don't we support the amazing? the heroic?
    this is not heroism! this is debauchery and meaninglessness!
    wake up people! smell the roses!

    how about this:
    why not donate to that?

    I would like to propose that deconstruction is over.